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The Rebuilding of the Blacksmith's shop is the Eagle Scout project conducted by Ethan
Anderson, Life scout with Troop 500 in Corryton,  TN. The project was born from a school     assignment that encouraged Ethan to visit Ramsey House. While he was there, he had the
opportunity to speak  with the tour guide in depth and really learn about the plans that
Ramsey House has for the future. Plans that involve expanding their house museum to become a living history museum. Being a history buff himself, Ethan immediately realized that helping the Ramsey House achieve their goal was going to be the focus of his Eagle Scout project. And being an aspiring blacksmith, what better building to begin with than rebuilding the original blacksmith's shop?

Ethan's project will begin the process of recreating the out buildings that once stood on the Ramsey Plantation, but like many regional and national treasures, have deteriorated through the years and disappeared. The Eagle Scout project guidelines require Ethan to plan and execute and document the entire project. 


The shop will be approximately 12' x 15' with a large sliding door on the front to allow for visitor viewing of the blacksmith and his work. There will be a large forge in the center of the shop complete with a bellows. The two ends of the shop will feature shuttered windows to allow for ventilation in warmer months. 

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Oct. 24: FUNdraiser at The Historic Ramsey House

Felt a Pumpkin for your Fall Decor!

Join us October 24, October 10 a.m. - 12 a.m. for a fun workshop benefiting the Blacksmith Shop Project! You will be creating your very own Felted Pumpkin! This creative class will be conducted by skilled felting artist who will take you step-by-step through the felting process. All supplies are provided, and all proceeds go directly towards the building of the working blacksmith shop for the Historic Ramsey House. We thank you for your support!

Class Fee: $25.00. All instruction and supplies needed are included. The workshop is appropriate for participants 10 years and older. Credit card incur a small, additional fee. Cash or check payments are available.


Visit the Historic Ramsey House to register by visiting

or call then at Call 865-546-0745 to arrange payment.

*This event will be held inside the Historic Ramsey House Visitor Center. Per the
Knox County Face Covering Mandate, masks are required while indoors.



3 Build Days into the project  - Take a look

at Ethan's progress.  
Historic Ramsey House



Join the Virtual Groundbreaking! 
Historic Ramsey House & Facebook Live

May 30th, 10 a.m.

Free Public Event

After more than a year of planning and fundraising, Ethan is ready to break ground on the Blacksmith's Shop! We are so thankful for our supporters and everyone who has helped get us to this point. Plan
to join us on Facebook Live
on May 30 at 10 a.m. 


Let's Raise the Roof!

Raise the Roof on the Blacksmith Shop - The ground breaking is schedules, but Ethan is still working to put a roof on the Blacksmith shop. If you would like to donate, please visit our Square-powered DONATE NOW button below! - Your support is greatly appreciated!

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My name is Ethan Anderson and I'd like to welcome you my project website. Let
me tell you a little about my project. I am a Life Scout in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Part of being a Boy Scout is working to achieve our highest rank, Eagle Scout.
A large part of that rank is choosing, planning and executing a project that benefits
the people around me - my community. The project I have chosen to take on is
rebuilding the blacksmith shop for Ramsey House, a historic house museum here
in Knoxville. The house is important to our area for may reasons, not the least of
which is the preservation of our history.

I bet you are wondering how I decided on this project. Well, my favorite subject in
school has always been history. I love to study it and understand how our nation
became the great place it is today. I am also an aspiring blacksmith. I was inspired
to start blacksmithing by my uncle and have enjoyed learning more about it over
the last few years. So, you can imagine when I learned that Ramsey House wanted
to recreate their blacksmith shop, I  was excited to make it my Eagle Scout Project.
The project means a lot to me.

The re-building of the blacksmith shop would start the wheels turing for Ramsey
House to evolve into the working, living history museum they desire to be. A 
museum where school groups, family and other visitors can come and get a glimpse into the life of their very early ancestors - the people that established a place for the m in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. A place where they can see sheep grazing the field, people weaving blankets or making soap, and yes when my project is complete - a blacksmith crafting a tool all on the grounds of Ramsey House.

I want to express my appreciation to Ramsey House, and especially to Mrs. Judy LaRose, for allowing me to take on this monumental project for them. A lot of people have told me this project is too big, or it's too hard and I should scale it down to something easier to accomplish, but I disagree. One of my teachers loaned me a book entitled, "Do Hard Things."  I agree with the book, I think we, young people, should do hard things - it builds character, work ethic and determination. It won't be an easy project, I know that, but with your help and the support of my family and friends, I believe I can make it happen. There are many ways you can help with the building of the Blackmith's Shop - check out my How Can I help Page.  Will you join me? I it's going to be a project you can be proud to be a part of, I promise you that.


Financial Donations

Platnium Anvil          $5,000

Golden Anvil              $2,500 - $4,999

Silver Anvil                $1,500 - $2,499

Bronze                       $   500 - $1,499

Friend                        $10 -$499

Time and Service Donations

Construction/Footers           Site Preparation

Roofing Construction            Brick Mason

Material Donations

Concrete blocks           Mulch                         Plants                        

Cement                         Nails

Tar paper/roofing        Bottled Water            Rebar 

Help Ethan Preserve Our History!




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Ethan's Eagle Scout project would not become reality without the generosity and support of our sponsors and partners. Join us in helping to rebuild the Blacksmith Shop and preserve our rich history for future generations!

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